Gunk is the supporting character of the Curtis comic and Curtis's best friend. 

Gunk is 11, like Curtis, but he comes from Flyspeck island and is crosseyed.
Vital statistics
Position Supporting Character
Age 11 years old
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Color Yellow/Blond
Eye Color Black

About GunkEdit

Gunk, (an initial for Gladimus Umfred Nostradamus Klaustauviwicke), is a crosseyed boy from Flyspeck Island. Gunk is unusually strong, because In one episode, Curtis tries to open a soda bottle, but Gunk is so strong he could break it with his bare hands and take all the soda out.

Gunk has the ability to communicate with animals as shown when he managed to tell trapped dolphins the way to escape the frozen pond. Gunk additionally possesses the ability to go comatose when in cold water so as to preserve oxygen. He claims that it is a trait native to Flyspeck Island inspired by frogs.